Monday, October 02, 2006

Vanity of Vanities!

My older daughter lost another of her front teeth. The upper one, and the one right next to it has come loose and has moved a bit toward the empty space of its neighbor. She is a snaggle tooth little kid, and she is really very cute. She was talking about the performers she sees on the Disney channel and was ranking them in order of importance to her. She mentioned one girl's name and said, "She is my favorite singer." And then she quickly recanted and said, "Well, no, you're really my favorite singer, and she is my next favorite, and then..." I didn't get it at first. I asked her to repeat herself twice and she did, even providing further explanation. Sometimes when we are in the car on long trips we will sing sing along songs, or if I have the time and inclination to pick up the old guitar we sing some of my old favorites together. I never thought of myself as a good singer, but I have enjoyed singing along with the radio or in the shower or what have you. I know for sure I am not as good a singer as the girls on the Disney channel, but I got a real sense of satisfaction from my daughter telling me that I was her favorite singer. This satisfaction comes from knowing that she did not make her decision based on precision of the notes or the quality of the tone, but rather that she made her decision based on the fact that our shared time and enjoyment was the true "harmony". I had always hoped that my kids wouldn't be so shallow and would have the strength of heart to cherish what is truly worthwhile in this world, but I did not know, and still do not know, how to teach that. The source of my satisfaction is the fact that she gets it. She is an honest to goodness real, good kid.


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